Called for a broken boiler. End up with just a pipe defrosting.

“Very professional and reliable company. Called during the snow wave for a broken boiler. Could have sold a new one but instead just did the job that needed to be done: defrost the outside pipe. They came the same day they were called.”

@Verified By Email– Customer in Richmond (1) 6 March 2018

Boiler fitting

“Very efficient,very tidy,great quality of work. Very polite guys. Best experience I've had in a long time. After they finished installing boiler they've cleaned spotless. Highly recommend this company”

Verified by SMS– Customer in London (1) 26 December 2017

Fitted a new boiler in newly renovated house.

“The work was undertaken to a very high standard, very friendly personable guy, nothing was too much trouble. Very tidy and a very reasonable quote. Would definitely use him again and would have no worries recommending to friends and family.”

@Verified By Email– Customer in London (1) 12 November 2017

Turn on gas and leak check after Transco visit, manufacturer spec. Boiler check, replace corroded pipes from gas meter

“At last - I've found a reliable, honest, friendly, professional local gas man! After dealing with one bloke who usually missed appointments and another agency guy who was criminally negligent, thank God for Soheil! He even did one of the three things I asked for free :) And the work is all excellent - proper soldering ... no 'Friday afternoon compression joints'! Price-wise he's great too, actually showed me the pipe work receipt (very low) after I had one quote which had outrageous materials charges. He's currently training an apprentice and the young guy is definitely at the best...”

@Verified By Email– Customer in London (1) 29 November 2016

Getting heating working in my flat

“These guys were great, first time ever a company has charged me LESS than what they said. The heating had stopped working in my flat. The pipes were full of gunk. They flushed the radiator system, they used new gadgets, an IR thermometer and camera that looked into the radiators to see if any blockages. As it took them less time than they thought, they charged me far less. AND it was on a Sunday! You guys rock. I will be using you again. Very highly recommended.”

@Verified By Email– Customer in London (1) 3 November 2018

Replaced entirety of heating system/conversion to combi. Replaced shower in upstairs En suite.

“Top Boiler helped me in understanding the works that were to be commenced after giving me various options in going forward with the work. They were very clear with what was happening and very careful within the property. Cannot recommend enough!”

@Verified By Email– Customer in London (1) 9 May 2018

Boiler kitchen taps room stat and 1 new radiator.

“Really clean job . New baxi boiler fitted and now no more unusual noises. Kitchen sink replaced blink of an eye and a new remote room thermostat . They also programmed it and showed my mum how to use it. Nice guys and Thank you.”

@Verified By Email– Customer in London (1) 8 February 2018

New boiler installed, power flush and new TRVS. Additional replaced syphon for the ensuite toilet.

“2 professional guys just got on with the job to be honest. They always polite and most of all safe around my kids with their tools. Replaced the syphon free of charge for me on the same day I only had to pay for the part which he went out to buy and showed me a receipt.”

@Verified By Email– Customer in London (1) 23 January 2018

New Boiler installation

“Took one day to install but they did return the next day (today) to double check all was working satisfactory and provided a Cp12 at our request at no extra charge.”

@Verified By Email– Customer in London (1) 14 August 2017